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We took photos of every day of our pregnancy, this is the result. Hope you like it. 



"So, I make it a point not to read reviews. It’s kind of pointless. But I stumbled upon one about the Pax-AM Days that we just put out. And it was fine, you know, it was a bad review. And you get those and that’s totally cool and I have no problem getting a bad review but I do have a problem… [Pete: It’s not fucking cool] Whatever, I’m not gonna Kanye it. But I’m gonna say one thing this guy said in this review when he got to me was, he said, first off that I don’t believe in what I’m singing. Which, say you don’t like it, say the music isn’t good, say whatever you think, but don’t try to tell me I don’t believe in this. And, number two, he said something about “The punk rock scene is very inclusive and unfortunately it lets in a lot of riff-raff.” And it’s all riff-raff, we are the riff-raff! So, I wanted to say, and I’m the polite guy so I won’t say it out loud, that… [Andy: FUCK YOU]”

i love you patrick stump marry me plz 

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